Anita The Speaker

Taylored Topics

Clutter, Clutter Everywhere!

Clutter is what blocks your ability to use, cherish and preserve important things in your home and office.

Professional Organizer Anita Taylor will share tips, techniques and ideas to “reclaim” your home, office and even those pyramids of clutter with simple systems! 

Paper, Paper Everywhere

Paper is the #1 complaint when it comes to Clutter! YES, paper IS clutter.

Professional Organizer Anita Taylor will share solutions to What Do I Do With ALL My Paper!

Learn the Tickler System, Color Cues and much more to Tame YOUR Piles and Stacks of PAPER.

Tools of the Trade

Many things help us to become organized!

Containers, an organized work space, filing systems that tell us what is in each folder by color and many other tricks make YOUR life simpler!

Anita's #1 tool is the TIMER!

 With it you can accomplish anything!

Is It Time or Task?

Everyone says "I don't have the TIME" but is it really lack of time?

Do you have more than 24 hours in YOUR day?

Professional Organizer Anita Taylor will share ideas so you can learn how to maximize your time by identifying what is most important TO DO in your day. 

Techniques and tips will guide you to a more tranquil life.

Emergencies - Are You Ready?

We all think we're prepared for an emergency. But are we?

Do you have an Emergency Kit  you can take with you if you need to leave your house?

Do you have an Emergency Car Kit to help you if you're stranded?

Do you have all your Important Documents centralized so you can Grab them and GO?

Get the solutions to these questions in an informational program with Anita Taylor, Professional Organizer.

Use 'em or Lose 'em

Do you Know the Value of YOUR Volunteers? Without volunteers some agencies would cease to exist.

Join this interactive workshop to determine if you know how to keep your volunteers happy, inspired and eager to do anything you need!

Come prepared to listen, tell stories and identify what YOU and your agency need to KEEP those valued people. Questions you answer may give you your strategic plan for an overabundance of volunteers.